About Liveport

Liveport provides the hospitality industry’s easiest and most reliable high-speed wireless Internet solution and 24/7 toll-free guest support at an unbeatable all inclusive price: just $2.99 per room, per month, billed annually. That includes all equipment, installation*, upgrades, network monitoring, management and more.

With no multi-year contracts and no surprises, it’s no wonder that Liveport is trusted in more than 35,000 hotel rooms.

Liveport is 100% family owned. Since 1983, we’ve been working hard to earn the right to do business with our clients year after year. You can rely on our decades of combined high-tech and customer service experience, and rest assured that we’re not going anywhere.

Liveport is based in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, one of North America’s leading high-tech hubs. We started Liveport because we saw how large wireless Internet providers were either completely overlooking hospitality properties, or charging tens of thousands of dollars for systems that–let’s face it–didn’t work all that well.

To meet this need, we developed a custom solution for hospitality properties by re-purposing technology that was originally developed to share Internet connections in developing countries. We found that the same characteristics important for communities in developing countries–a high number of simultaneous users, fast speeds, security, the ability to upgrade, ease of use, affordability and high reliability–are also crucial for hospitality properties. We take a different approach from most companies out there, but it’s one that works extremely well (just ask our customers).

We installed our first Liveport system in 2007. Since then, we’ve been used by hundreds of thousands of guests in tens of thousands of rooms. We’ve learned a lot along the way, and we continue to push our technology and service standards to meet and surpass guest requirements.

To learn more about Liveport, visit liveport.com.