The Wedgewood Hotel Vancouver

Liveport Completes Guest Wi-Fi Installation at The Wedgewood Hotel Vancouver

The Wedgewood Hotel Vancouver

The Wedgewood Hotel Vancouver

Liveport, a leading provider of hospitality wireless Internet services, announced today that they have completed a significant guest Wi-Fi system upgrade at the Relais & Chateaux Wedgewood Hotel and Spa in downtown Vancouver.

The Wedgewood prides itself on providing excellent guest experiences, but the previous Wi-Fi system was falling short of expectations. The new wireless Internet system will provide guests with reliable, fast and free Wi-Fi throughout the entire property.

“We’ve seen free Wi-Fi become the most requested guest amenity across the industry in the last few years,” said Philip Meyer, Wedgewood Hotel’s General Manager. “Our new system allows us to meet and exceed guest expectations.”

Meyer points out that guest demands on their wireless systems have skyrocketed in the last year, primarily due to mobile devices such as Apple’s iPad and streaming video applications such as Netflix. “With Liveport’s technology, network management and guest support, we can stay ahead of the technology curve,” he said.

Liveport provides guests with a secure tunnel to the Internet for each of their devices, and manages the network to prevent abuse.
“Without network management in place, it only takes one or two users to basically make the network unusable for all guests,” said Danny Bakker, Vice President of Liveport. “We prevent that from happening to ensure every guest has a great experience online.”

Liveport services more than 400 properties in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

“Guests today really just want to get online with minimal fuss,” said Bakker. “Simplicity is king. That’s what we’ve focused on, and hoteliers and guests are responding well.”

About Liveport Corp.: Liveport provides wireless Internet in more than 40,000 hotel rooms across North America, Australia and the UK. Liveport’s customer brands include Holiday Inn, Westin, Crowne Plaza, Best Western, Days Inn, Quality Inn, Comfort Inn, Super 8 and Ramada, as well as many boutique hotels. Liveport provides an end-to-end solution for hotels, packaging all planning, access points, installation, upgrades and 24/7 toll-free guest technical support in one low monthly price.

About The Wedgewood Hotel: The Wedgewood boutique hotel in Downtown Vancouver offers 83 luxurious rooms with superb service. Located in fashionable Robson Square, The Wedgewood is a member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux collection of fine hotels and gourmet restaurants.

Read the original news release here. 

Hilton to offer guests tiered Wi-Fi pricing

It looks like some Hilton brands are going to begin providing faster Wi-Fi for guests—but there’s a cost to it.

USA Today is reporting:

The new Wi-Fi tier will become an option at Hilton’s limited service and extended stay brands: Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suites and Home 2 Suites.

Josh Weiss, vice president of brand and guest technology for Hilton, says the hotels will start offering the faster Wi-Fi in the next two months and roll it out to all hotels in those brands throughout this year.

The price will vary depending on the location, but guests will typically be charged $3.95. They will be able to use it on up to three devices.

Weiss says guests have indicated in surveys that they would be willing to pay for upgraded bandwidth.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out for Hilton. Our experience has shown that guests are willing to pay for a premium service, and we love the $3.95 price point for three devices. It makes cost recovery very possible and likely won’t upset guests.

Liveport provides tiered guest Internet access in the Liveport Plus package.

Read the full USA Today story here.

Liveport expands service to the UK

Liveport just keeps growing!  In North America, we surged past 350 hotels in early 2012 and then expanded into Australia, which is already proving to be a great success.  We have now taken the decision to open up in the UK as well, offering the same great product, service and price (in pounds, that is).

We’ll be officially launching in the UK on October 1st and we will be attending the Independent Hotel Exhibition in London on the 16th and 17th.  If you can’t wait until October, we’d be more than pleased to hear from you if you’d like more info on how we can provide wireless in your hotel, fully supported 24/7/365 all for the great price of just £2.99 per room, per month.  Visit Liveport UK here.

Thanks for helping to make Liveport a continued success!



iPad boom may require 300% more access points in hotels

We’ve written before about how the incredible growth of iPads and iPhones is putting tremendous pressure on hotel wifi networks. Now, in a recent report from Gartner, network providers are being warned that they may need 300% more access points in their network just to meet iPad demand and match the performance of laptops on the same network.

It’s a daunting prospect, and one that is leaving many hotels with no option but to upgrade and significantly change the deployment of their wireless network.


The primary reason old networks aren’t working well with new technology such as the iPad and other mobile devices is transmit power. The Internet relies on two-way communication. No matter how powerful a hotel’s access points are, the network is only as strong as the signal coming from its weakest device: in this case, the iPad. A device simply won’t function online If it can receive data but can’t communicate back to the network. And here lies the problem.

Gartner notes that the iPad’s transmit power of 10 mW does not compare with the 30 mW to 50 mW of a typical laptop. When your network has been designed with the laptop in mind–and not the iPad–newer devices simply won’t have the performance or range guests expect.

“While the iPad may connect, performance will fall off much more quickly than laptops as the user moves away from the access point, and, depending on the [wireless] design parameters, may find itself in a coverage hole at the edge of the coverage area where other devices are able to operate,” said the report.

So, what’s the solution? Garnet notes, that this “has little to do with the transmit power of the access point, since even vendor access point default values (30 mW to 100 mW) will be higher than the 10 mW device transmit power of the iPad.” In other words, increasing the power of existing access points won’t work. The answer is simply to add more access points–about three times more–or plan the network more effectively.

It’s no coincidence that this has been Liveport’s approach since inception. With Liveport’s mesh technology, we typically triple or quadruple the number of access points when upgrading a property–typically without adding any new cables. These access points are located close enough for guests to connect flawlessly, no matter how weak their device is, while simultaneously providing a high-speed backbone to the web.

It appears the days of few, high-powered access points are coming to an end in the age of the iPad. If you’d like to read the full report, click here.


Liveport Australia banner with hotel logos

Liveport expands service to Australia

Liveport Australia banner with hotel logos

Well, these are exciting times here at Liveport! After surging past the 300-hotel milestone late in 2011, we’re still going very strong in North America. And the latest news? We’ve opened up a new office in Australia!


Jeff Rhode, the owner of Liveport Australia, is off to a great start, with five hotels in service after just a few weeks on the job. The full news release can be found here.

And if you’re visiting us from Australia, know that the same great product, service and price is nowavailable to you. Visit Liveport Australia here. 

Thanks for helping to make Liveport a continued success!

News: Liveport announces new pricing structure

Liveport, a leading guest wireless provider in the hospitality industry, announced a new pricing structure today.

Liveport includes the latest cloud-managed, mesh-node hardware,  24/7 network management and monitoring, 24/7 toll-free guest support, and lifetime warranty and upgrades for one low monthly rate. Starting today, that rate also includes hardwired network monitoring, management and support for no additional fee. The new all-inclusive price of Liveport’s service is $2.99, per room, per month.

The pricing change has no impact on existing clients.

“We work hard to put our best rates right up front, and take the mystery out of hotel wireless Internet service pricing,” said Danny Bakker, Liveport VP. “With Liveport, hotels not only get a fast, reliable and powerful guest wireless service, but they have total cost certainty. For one payment, we take care of essentially everything.”

For more information on Liveport’s hotel Internet service, visit

Hotel Wi-Fi Case Study: Quality Hotel Downtown Vancouver

We recently shot a case study with Jonas Melin, General Manager of the Quality Hotel Downtown Vancouver. Take a look:

Jonas’ property faced a number of issues in delivering wireless Internet to guests: the building was constructed of concrete, brick, steel and wood, it was spread across seven stories, and there was no way to run new Ethernet cable to all rooms.

After a three-hour installation, the Quality Hotel Downtown Vancouver was able to deliver strong, fast wi-fi to guests and provide 24/7 guest support to help with any technical issues in getting online. Because of price, quality, service and customer feedback, Jonas has installed a Liveport system in four hotels now.

We’d like to thank Jonas for sitting down to share his experience with us. If you’re ever looking for a great hotel in Vancouver, drop by the Quality Inn Downtown Vancouver!

Liveport featured in Canadian Lodging News

When the Canadian Lodging News ran a special feature this month on in-room technology, they featured Liveport for the “wireless connectivity” section. Take a look:

Wireless connectivity

Wireless Internet is at the top of the list of guest preferences these days.

In J.D. Power and Associates’ 2010 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study, 77 per cent of guests indicate the in-room Internet connection they use is Wi-Fi, compared with just 55 per cent in 2007.

Some of the traditional problems with wireless Internet are spotty availability, particularly in older hotels with concrete walls and floors, guests “hogging” the bandwidth by downloading movies and other large files, and installation, which can be complicated, time consuming and disruptive to guests.

Kelowna, BC-based Liveport has a novel approach to all three of these problems.  It uses many tiny encased nodes to blanket the hotel, rather than a few high-powered devices.

“This way, you get perfect signals in every room,” says Liveport’s Ryan Detwiller. And if one node goes down, the others automatically reconfigure so that guests notice no difference in coverage.”

These nodes can be placed in unobtrusive places throughout the guest room, for example behind the television or the fridge. They don’t have to be put in the roof, there’s no drilling and no wires, and thus no interruptions to guests.

“We can install a whole property in a few hours,” Detwiller says.

They also have Dashboard, their live web-based software, which allows hoteliers to monitor their networks, observe traffic, manage bandwidth hogs and set up pay for use.

In addition, the price is easy to calculate at $2 per room per month.

For the full article at Canadian Lodging News, click here.

Liveport Booth

The BC Hospitality Expo

We (Danny and Ryan) just got back from two great days at the BC Hospitality Expo in Vancouver, B.C. It was great to connect with many of our current hotels and meet many more. It was also great to see what other vendors had on display–from new furniture, electronics, POS systems and plenty of great BC-brewed beer.

Here’s a photo of the Liveport booth. We’d love to hear what you think!

Liveport Booth

News Release: Liveport launches wired network management service

Liveport Corporation, a provider of high-speed wireless Internet networks for the hospitality industry, announced today that they have launched a new wired network management service to complement their wireless offerings.

The service was launched in response to property managers with Liveport’s wireless service and a non-managed wired network. Users who wished to download illegal movies and TV shows could simply plug in to a property’s wired network to bypass Liveport’s wireless bandwidth management system. Just a few users downloading these files can dramatically slow Internet speeds for wired users. Wireless users would also be affected if both networks share the same Internet connection.

Liveport’s new wired network management service combines hardware and software to set the same bandwidth limits on both wired and wireless users and provide the same set of network management and optimization tools to both sides of the network.

The service includes equipment, installation, upgrades and 24/7 guest support for wired users for just $1 per room, per month more.

For more information:
Liveport: 1-800-861-1888

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