Liveport Corporation, a provider of high-speed wireless Internet networks for the hospitality industry, announced today that they have launched a new wired network management service to complement their wireless offerings.

The service was launched in response to property managers with Liveport’s wireless service and a non-managed wired network. Users who wished to download illegal movies and TV shows could simply plug in to a property’s wired network to bypass Liveport’s wireless bandwidth management system. Just a few users downloading these files can dramatically slow Internet speeds for wired users. Wireless users would also be affected if both networks share the same Internet connection.

Liveport’s new wired network management service combines hardware and software to set the same bandwidth limits on both wired and wireless users and provide the same set of network management and optimization tools to both sides of the network.

The service includes equipment, installation, upgrades and 24/7 guest support for wired users for just $1 per room, per month more.

For more information:
Liveport: 1-800-861-1888