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Apple's iPad 2

iPad 2 users facing intermittent WiFi connection issues

Apple's iPad 2

If your guests are having trouble connecting to your hotel’s WiFi network with Apple’s iPad 2, they aren’t alone. Engadget is reporting that many iPad 2 users are having intermittent wireless connection issues:

Some things, they never change. Boys will be boys, free never really is, and iPads will have WiFi issues. If you’ll recall, the original Apple slate also had such troubling issues with maintaining a wireless connection that the folks in Cupertino actually made a promise to fix things in time. Eventually, that patch was indeed rolled out, but then we heard that iOS 4.2 was being pushed a bit due to — you guessed it — more WiFi issues. Now that the iPad 2 has made its way out into the adoring public’s hands, we’re starting to see a growing cadre of customers raising similar gripes.

Liveport’s support team has seen a higher than expected volume of calls from iPad 2 users–certainly more than the original iPad and other iOS devices–but the problem (thankfully) still seems limited to certain devices.

If you’re a Liveport client, we’ll walk your guests through our standard troubleshooting methods for iPads, but unfortunately, the issue won’t be fully resolved until Apple issues a software update.

The battle for guest room bandwidth

Guests are demanding more from your wireless network. Are you keeping up?

When the primary guest demand of wireless on the road was checking emails and browsing the web, bandwidth (the amount of Internet available to your property at a particular time) wasn’t much of an issue. But with the explosion of gaming, online video, Skype chats and now Netflix, guests are demanding more of what they get at home on the road. Increasingly, guests find themselves pushing up against the limits of what hotels are offering.

Think of bandwidth like your water supply. Properties are set up to provide water for showers, sinks and toilets to all guests, plus everything that happens behind the scenes. Now imagine trying to supply all of that using a garden hose. If one user showered, another couldn’t run the faucet. It wouldn’t work too well, would it?

Yet that’s what many hospitality properties are doing when it comes to their Internet package. For example, just two people watching YouTube clips at the same time uses up the entire bandwidth of a T1 line. Everyone else on the network is out of luck (and probably quite unhappy).

The good news is that for most properties, there is an easy fix. The solution, much like the water example, is to simply get a bigger pipe connected to the building. Liveport’s systems can support the highest amounts of bandwidth available, so providing more bandwidth to guests is usually as easy as upgrading your Internet package with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you already have the fastest package, consider adding a second or third line—Liveport can support that too.

Whatever your situation, we can work with you to meet guest demands. If you want to be known for having the fastest wireless on the strip, we’ll help you get there.

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