“Wifi is one of those weird commodities which gets better the less it costs,” says Felix Salmon, a Routers Finance blogger in a rant about a recent hotel visit. “When you’re paying through the nose for it, it never ‘just works’ like it does when it’s free.”

The post was just the latest in a series of customer rants about paying for wireless Internet that have caught our attention.

Often, hotels look to push for complex systems with pay scales, splash pages, different tiers and a whole bunch of other, well, junk that really isn’t necessary. The result? Customers who vow to never come back to the hotel and post their feelings publicly.

When it comes to hotel WiFi, you should always lean towards simplicity.

Make it fast.

Make it easy.

Make it free.

Your guests will thank you for it and will keep coming back.

And if you think it simply costs to much to have a reliable hotel WiFi system, maybe it’s time to give Liveport a call.