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News: Liveport announces new pricing structure

Liveport, a leading guest wireless provider in the hospitality industry, announced a new pricing structure today.

Liveport includes the latest cloud-managed, mesh-node hardware,  24/7 network management and monitoring, 24/7 toll-free guest support, and lifetime warranty and upgrades for one low monthly rate. Starting today, that rate also includes hardwired network monitoring, management and support for no additional fee. The new all-inclusive price of Liveport’s service is $2.99, per room, per month.

The pricing change has no impact on existing clients.

“We work hard to put our best rates right up front, and take the mystery out of hotel wireless Internet service pricing,” said Danny Bakker, Liveport VP. “With Liveport, hotels not only get a fast, reliable and powerful guest wireless service, but they have total cost certainty. For one payment, we take care of essentially everything.”

For more information on Liveport’s hotel Internet service, visit

The Problem With Pay Wi-Fi in Hotels

“Wifi is one of those weird commodities which gets better the less it costs,” says Felix Salmon, a Routers Finance blogger in a rant about a recent hotel visit. “When you’re paying through the nose for it, it never ‘just works’ like it does when it’s free.”

The post was just the latest in a series of customer rants about paying for wireless Internet that have caught our attention.

Often, hotels look to push for complex systems with pay scales, splash pages, different tiers and a whole bunch of other, well, junk that really isn’t necessary. The result? Customers who vow to never come back to the hotel and post their feelings publicly.

When it comes to hotel WiFi, you should always lean towards simplicity.

Make it fast.

Make it easy.

Make it free.

Your guests will thank you for it and will keep coming back.

And if you think it simply costs to much to have a reliable hotel WiFi system, maybe it’s time to give Liveport a call.

Apple's iPad 2

iPad 2 users facing intermittent WiFi connection issues

Apple's iPad 2

If your guests are having trouble connecting to your hotel’s WiFi network with Apple’s iPad 2, they aren’t alone. Engadget is reporting that many iPad 2 users are having intermittent wireless connection issues:

Some things, they never change. Boys will be boys, free never really is, and iPads will have WiFi issues. If you’ll recall, the original Apple slate also had such troubling issues with maintaining a wireless connection that the folks in Cupertino actually made a promise to fix things in time. Eventually, that patch was indeed rolled out, but then we heard that iOS 4.2 was being pushed a bit due to — you guessed it — more WiFi issues. Now that the iPad 2 has made its way out into the adoring public’s hands, we’re starting to see a growing cadre of customers raising similar gripes.

Liveport’s support team has seen a higher than expected volume of calls from iPad 2 users–certainly more than the original iPad and other iOS devices–but the problem (thankfully) still seems limited to certain devices.

If you’re a Liveport client, we’ll walk your guests through our standard troubleshooting methods for iPads, but unfortunately, the issue won’t be fully resolved until Apple issues a software update.

Hotel Wi-Fi Case Study: Quality Hotel Downtown Vancouver

We recently shot a case study with Jonas Melin, General Manager of the Quality Hotel Downtown Vancouver. Take a look:

Jonas’ property faced a number of issues in delivering wireless Internet to guests: the building was constructed of concrete, brick, steel and wood, it was spread across seven stories, and there was no way to run new Ethernet cable to all rooms.

After a three-hour installation, the Quality Hotel Downtown Vancouver was able to deliver strong, fast wi-fi to guests and provide 24/7 guest support to help with any technical issues in getting online. Because of price, quality, service and customer feedback, Jonas has installed a Liveport system in four hotels now.

We’d like to thank Jonas for sitting down to share his experience with us. If you’re ever looking for a great hotel in Vancouver, drop by the Quality Inn Downtown Vancouver!

Is your guest WiFi worth bragging about?

We’ve blogged a lot about how wireless Internet is now the best amenity hotels can offer their guests. We know that a strong guest network can lead to higher guest satisfaction and more bookings for hotels.

We also know that not all hotel WiFi is created equal. Some hotels only offer access in the lobby, others claim speed and connectivity that was barely able to meet guest demands five years ago–let alone today. With guests expecting more than ever, a solid, professionally-managed guest wireless network is a great competitive advantage for hotels and hospitality properties.

So how do you separate yourself from the other hotels in your area? If you’re a Liveport customer, do your potential guests know how good your wireless Internet really is? If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few ideas we’ve seen our clients implement:

  1. Post it on your website.
    Tell past and future guests that you offer fast, free (in most cases) wireless Internet in every room with 24/7 live guest support. You could even throw a link back to for the extra-curious.
  2. Monitor travel review sites.
    Have customers complained about a poor guest wireless Internet experience at your property in the past? Most travel review sites, such as TripAdvisor, offer the opportunity to comment. Let your past (and future) guests know that you’ve upgraded your system and now have great access in every room. Most importantly: invite them back to try you again.
  3. Send an email promotion.
    This is one of our favorites. A large hotel in Calgary was so happy with their new Liveport wireless network that they sent a promotion out to their entire email list. They talked about Liveport’s benefits and bragged–just a little–about the speeds and connectivity. They invited past guests to try them again, and offered a $10 restaurant gift card for anyone who used the promo code “Liveport” during booking.

So, how are you telling your guests about your wireless Internet? We know how important it is to them, so start making sure they know you care–and deliver the speeds, connectivity and support they’re asking for.

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