Since Apple introduced the second-generation Apple TV in 2010, it’s quickly become a popular addition to living rooms everywhere. In fact, most of us Liveport employees have one.

The AppleTV is a small box that hooks into a TV to provide high-definition video streams from YouTube, Netflix, Apple Movies, and live games from the NBA, MLB and NHL. All of this content comes over the Internet, rather than through traditional copper TV cables. And today, Apple announced an update that brings 1080p streaming content (opposed to the 720p content previously) to the box.

If the product is meant for living rooms, how does that affect hotels? It’s true that most guests using Liveport’s networks are doing so on a laptop, phone or tablet, we’re starting to see more and more AppleTVs showing up. It looks like some guests love their Apple TVs so much that they are bringing them along when they travel and connecting them to the TV in their room!

Apple TVs place a tremendous load on wireless networks because of all that high-definition steaming video. It’s similar to what we’re seeing from iPhone and iPad users, but the content is often higher-resolution, meaning higher file sizes and more bandwidth being taken up by each device. And this was our experience with the 720p content on the previous generation–never mind 1080p on the latest product!

So, can Liveport handle Apple TV’s on our networks? Yes–as long as the rest of the “chain” is strong. Our latest access points and cloud network manager can more than handle the load. However, Liveport’s system is only as good as what’s behind it:

  1. the incoming Internet connection, and
  2. a suitable amount of cabling connected to our access points to make enough “gateway” units.

If you bring in enough bandwidth from your ISP and have enough cabling to feed our system, we’ll keep your Apple TV-loving guests happy.

If you’re thinking it might be time for an upgrade, give Liveport a call. Liveport includes lifetime upgrades in their all-inclusive pricing model of $2.99 per room, per month.